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Unveiling Africa’s Largest Supply-Chain Network:

WHAT IS A SUPPLY CHAIN? A supply chain can be defined as a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer....

News Update for Today

News today: Germany prepares for cyber attacks at G20 next week watch video here

Yahoo Hack: How the Russians did it

One mistaken click. That's all it took for hackers aligned with the Russian state security service to gain access to Yahoo's network and potentially the email messages and private information of as...

The Google Home app: choose the song you want to hear

One of Google Home’s biggest strengths is its ability to fill our homes with music on command. All we need to do is say, “OK Google, play Shape of You,” and...

The New WhatsApp Looks a Lot More Like Snapchat

Facebook on Monday rolled out a WhatsApp update that could threaten Snapchat's share of the mobile app messaging market. The update allows WhatsApp users to share photos and videos through the...

Twitter to crack down on abusers

On Tuesday Twitter announced yet another crackdown on abusers. With the goal of making Twitter a safer place, it has come up with new ways to Prevent the creation of new...

African tech startups funding rises by 17%

A report released today by Disrupt Africa, Disrupt African Tech Start Up Funding Report, showed that 146 startups from across the African content raised $ 129,133,200 in funding over the course...

Facebook and go ‘live’ with video Issues

From billboards to TV ads to endless notifications, Facebook is furiously promoting its live video feature as it tries to get more users to shoot and watch such videos. But will it...

ATTENTION: Important Security Information for Yahoo Users

If you are a Yahoo User may i have your apt attention please this is an important security information for you. Following a recent investigation, we’ve identified data security issues concerning certain...

5 tips to protect yourself on WhatsApp, Facebook and more

When it comes to security online we are often concerned and this becomes a major issue when security gets compromised. But the services you normally use put in a lot of...
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Google: There’s No Hub Like Home

No longer willing to let Amazon have the space to itself, Google on Tuesday officially launched Google Home, its long-awaited wireless hub. Google Home...