4 Lenovo Tablets you can buy less than 100K

Sometimes we find it difficult to get what we want especially when we are tied to a budget. This can be very frustrating but here we have done some quality research...

4 reasons to buy LG gram 15 notebook

For notebooks, one law has been immutable. If you want a large display, you’ll have to put up with increased bulk and weight. On the other hand, if you want a...

Will Trump’s presidency support technology?

Just hours after the announcement of the winner of the U.S presidential election, The tech industry is been squabbled with concerns if president-elect: Donald Trump will support technology. The eight-year bromance...

Infinix Note 2 vs Note 3 – Should I Upgrade?

Ever since the release of Infinix Note 3, a lot of Infinix fans are contemplating whether to sell their Note 2 and Upgrade to the Note 3. Its a big decision...
Mobile money

The uprise of Mobile money transfer’?

A recent report by the GSM Association (GSMA) shows that cost of sending international remittances with mobile money is, on average, over 50% less expensive than using global money transfer operators...

5 Funny Reasons Nigerians Will Not Buy the New iPhone 7

Stylish, sophisticated and classy. These are the flowery adjectives used to describe iPhone 7 which was launched recently. You cannot miss the hype and publicity especially if you always online and a...
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2016 GEM-TECH Awards Finalists announced

The 2016 GEM-TECH Awards Finalists has been announced by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and United Nations (UN) Women. A total of 14 finalists...