The platform: Benefits

Africa is fast becoming the number one focus for global economic growth opportunities and in this perspective huge investments in transport and logistical infrastructure to support the growth beckons on the continent. Africa as a developing continent, offers some of the untapped opportunities globally and is favoured by numerous multi-nationals as they seek virgin markets to break into. There is therefore so much pressure from the international business community on Africa to develop the necessary supply chain infrastructure that will lead to economic and social upliftment across the continent on a larger scale.

Unveiled as Africa’s Largest Supply Chain– The digital platform is an online marketplace that pulls together products or services from multiple third-party sellers. These  sellers typically perform customer services, source and deliver their own products and services, while manage the platform, organize sales and promotions, process transactions and payments and even provide financial services to customers; participating sellers and buyers. As a One stop access to global shopping and easy sale of goods and services, creates a global network of contacts from a huge global representation of companies and their products. The platform offers the following benefits to participating buyers and sellers:

  • Access to multiple suppliers, products, services across the globe.
  • A large pool of verified and authenticated suppliers and companies.
  • Provision of international advertising campaigns targeting untapped markets.
  • A 24/7 online business consultant for assistance for both buyers and sellers

On the platform, products offers are uploaded instantly and the sellers receive instant notifications. These products cover a wide range of categories and seamlessly allows all transactions on the platform. A unique benefit too is the security it provides by first ensuring that suppliers are verified, access to converse real-time with the suppliers and secured transactions on the platform.

Generally, technology is becoming more of a personal and social tool for reshaping how society trades, works, studies or even plays. The digital stratosphere is the new reality: it transcends space, leaps across time and cuts a road through cultures, indeed the pathway to the future clearly begins with the click of a mouse or the touch of a digital button. This is the new way of thinking that the platform unveils to the global business community.