Yudala Zero Gravity is an annual initiative targeted at rewarding customers who have kept faith with the Yudala brand as well as potential customers who will attend strictly by invitation or through ticket purchases.

A multi-city digital entertainment event featuring headline acts and the best artistes from the genres of Contemporary music and Rock Gospel from Nigeria and beyond, this first edition will hold in three cities namely: Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. Each city will host two concerts: a Rock Gospel concert and Contemporary Music blast.


Yudala Zero Gravity is a mega digital live concert which will witness pure acoustics performances delivered with world-class equipment from New Concept Media Group’s 21st Century collection. Indeed, the range of equipment at the disposal of New Concept Media and which will be on full display at these concerts is arguably the best and biggest on the continent.

Unlike other entertainment events that have been hosted in the past, Yudala Zero Gravity will not have artistes perform their hit tracks from recorded tapes and CDs. Instead, we will be setting a new standard with Yudala Zero Gravity as all invited artistes and performing acts will perform their songs to perfectly synchronized beats from a live band manned by a crew of experienced and talented musical performers, beat makers and multi-instrumentalists.


A lot of surprises are in store for attendees of this inaugural edition of Yudala Zero Gravity. We have put together a rich mixture of established stars and some eye-catching upcoming musical and comedy talents for this event. Apart from the headline artistes who will form the major attraction for the three cities of Lagos, Abuja and Enugu; plans have also been concluded with a number of other star acts in Rock Gospel and Contemporary Music who will thrill the audience in each city. There will also be a dance group competition by three finalists to crown Yu-Mega dancers for the next twelve months. The award for the best group shall be a surprise worth its weight in gold. Yudala Zero Gravity is a platform on which artistes will launch new tracks and for Original Equipment Manufacturers and other sponsors to unveil new products. It is a platform to hear it first and see it first.


One of the major essence of Zero Gravity is to reward customers of Yudala. Subsequent editions of this event will see the selection of host cities based on revenue or returns posted online or by the various Yudala offline Experience Stores located in cities nationwide.

For this event which is the inaugural edition, customers of Yudala will qualify for free tickets from purchases made from YUDALA Online and Offline Stores from August 1st, 2016. Below are the purchase threshold for customers of Yudala who desire to get a free ticket to attend Zero Gravity.

N25,000 – N250,000 – REGULAR (Limited space, first-come, first-served)

N251,000 – #1,000,000 – VIP (SINGLE SEATING)

N1,000,000 – #5,000,000 – VVIP (TABLE SEATING)


* Yudala Back-end will capture individual customer purchases made from August 1st

* Customers can be upgraded to VIP/VVIP status on the basis of further purchases made which will take them to the threshold for these categories. Feedback will be maintained with customers on points earned and purchase figures required to hit the thresholds for upgrade to these categories

* Selection of city/cities will only be possible once the customer reaches the purchase threshold for regular attendance

***100 Free Tickets to be won per show. Follow the link to www.yudala.com/zerogravity OR SMS your name and email address only to 08027829123


Apart from serving as an initiative through which we wish to reward customers of Yudala, Zero Gravity is also an opportunity for non-customers to experience the best-in-class digital entertainment on offer. It is, however, preferable that potential customers shop today at Yudala to stand a chance for free tickets as slots for non-customers are very limited.

For this reason, there will be ticket sales for those who wish to attend the Zero Gravity concerts but wish to become customers in future.


REGULAR: N50,000

VIP: N100,000

VVIP: N250,000 (TABLE OF 5 – N1m with special treatment)


REGULAR: N10,000

VIP: N50,000

VVIP: N100,000 (TABLE OF 5 – N500,000 with special treatment)

EVENT TICKETS: Non- customers are expected to book their tickets in attendance. Tickets will be delivered to them one week before their chosen event. Please contact zerogravity@yudala.com/p>